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Best in Dialogue

As Seen On TV

Author: Brayden Hade and Christopher Jewell Valentin

Genre: Comedy

Logline: When three underachieving infomercial producers loose their job by their own negligence, a misgendering mistake opens the door to collaborate with the slimy Cathy Newlan and create an exploitative reality show. says: The screenplay's dialogue is witty, sarcastic, and filled with humorous banter. It effectively conveys the characters' personalities and adds to the comedic tone of the scene.

Standout Features:
Satirical take on the entertainment industry: The screenplay offers a unique and comedic perspective on the inner workings of the entertainment industry, which can attract audiences interested in behind-the-scenes stories.

Exploration of personal and professional struggles : The screenplay delves into the challenges and frustrations faced by the characters in their careers and personal lives, providing relatable and compelling storytelling.
Diverse cast : The inclusion of diverse characters adds depth and representation to the story, making it more appealing to a wide audience.

Best in Plot

The Memory Thief

Author: James A Bergeron

Genre: Science-Fiction

Logline: After initializing the power core on a starship, a nefarious corporation sets the Earth's last city on a countdown to total destruction. A powerful psychic must use her memory-stealing ability to save the last of humanity from extinction. says: Engaging plot with a strong sense of urgency and conflict

Standout Features:
Unique Hook: The use of holographic AI companions and the exploration of a futuristic world

Major Twist : The revelation of Arco Rylie and Nessa's plan to steal children's bodies for colonization on another planet
Distinctive Setting : The contrast between the futuristic city of Halo City and the desolate Dead Vegas

Best in Characters

You Are What You Love

Author: Christine Oliva-Castillo

Genre: Drama

Logline: Based on a true story, a young lesbian caught in the opioid epidemic finds herself entangled in a love triangle, struggling to navigate the interplay between intense pain and profound love, and to know if either can offer the healing she is desperate to find. says: Well-developed characters with emotional depth and compelling dynamics, but some inconsistencies in character importance and room for further exploration of secondary characters.

Standout Features:
Exploration of addiction: The screenplay delves into the complexities of addiction and its impact on relationships and personal growth.

Compelling relationships : The relationships between Leah, Maggie, and Junie are central to the story and provide emotional depth and conflict.
Realistic portrayal of mental health : The screenplay explores mental health issues, such as OCD and anxiety, in a realistic and sensitive manner.

Best in Stakes


Author: Simone Bartesaghi

Genre: Thriller - Suspense - Drama

Logline: Merch is a gripping and suspenseful story that follows Glenn, a 60-year-old man who becomes entangled in a dangerous criminal world of human trafficking after discovering that, in the trunk of the rental car he is delivering back, there is actually a drugged young girl. Around him there are many stories that intertwine with his adventure. says: The screenplay effectively portrays high stakes throughout, with consistently high ratings and clear consequences for characters' actions. The intense urgency and tension create a gripping and suspenseful narrative.

Standout Features:
Suspenseful Plot: The screenplay offers a suspenseful and gripping plot that keeps the audience engaged.

Strong Characters : The screenplay features well-developed and compelling characters that drive the story.
Twists and Turns : The screenplay includes unexpected plot twists and turns that keep the audience guessing.

Best in Originality

Andy Warhol Must Die!

Author: Graham Lee

Genre: Fantasy/Surreal Comedy/Drama

Logline: DICK DICKMAN, a frustrated, aging, ultra-MAGA gun nut with a deep love of fine art and a lifelong vendetta against Andy Warhol, gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a group of rich geriatric hippies hires him to go back in time to assassinate Warhol before he has a chance to wreak havoc on their subculture. says: The screenplay demonstrates a high level of originality through its unique and fresh approach to political conflicts, exploration of philosophical themes, and blending of personal and historical elements.

Standout Features:
Unique Blend of Genres: The screenplay combines elements of drama, psychological thriller, and social commentary to create a unique and compelling story.

Exploration of America's Cultural Landscape : The screenplay delves into the disillusionment and anger felt by many Americans, exploring themes of cultural decay and the search for personal redemption.
Visual and Narrative Style : The screenplay incorporates innovative visual and narrative techniques, such as blending art styles and exploring different time periods, to create a visually stunning and thought-provoking story.

Best in External Goal


Author: Lee Brandt

Genre: Action

Logline: A troubled reporter who’s friend has been kidnapped by a Tijuana drug cartel, receives unexpected help from a man who claims he is relieving the same day over and over again – and died every time says: The screenplay effectively portrays external goals that reflect the immediate circumstances and challenges faced by the protagonist. The goals drive the plot and create tension. However, some external goals could benefit from more complexity and depth.

Standout Features:
Unique Setting: The dangerous and exotic setting of Tijuana adds a unique element to the story and can attract audiences.

Strong Female Protagonist : Renata's determination and bravery make her a compelling and relatable character.
Suspenseful Plot : The gripping storyline and constant danger keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Best in Structure

Desert Rats

Author: Chad Simpson and Will Kresch

Genre: War Drama

Logline: A guns-blazing war drama chronicling the formation of the SAS, and special forces warfare as they happened in North Africa during World War 2. says: The screenplay demonstrates a strong overall structure with clear establishment of setting and characters, effective progression of conflict and tension, and logical flow of actions and dialogue. Notable examples include scenes 5, 10, and 15. Improvement can be made in developing character dynamics, enhancing scene headings and action lines, and refining pacing in certain scenes.

Standout Features:
Unique Setting: The Sahara Desert and the North African campaign provide a unique and visually stunning backdrop for the story.

Character Development : The screenplay delves into the personal struggles and growth of the main characters, adding depth and emotional resonance to the story.
Action Sequences : The intense and realistic action sequences, including tank battles and desert warfare, provide thrilling and visually captivating moments.

Best in Internal Goal

L O V E S t r o k e s

Author: Oreoluwa Asonibare

Genre: Drama

Logline: Art ignites passion when a fiery artist collides with a reserved painter, forcing them to confront their demons and paint their own masterpiece of love. says: The screenplay effectively portrays the internal goals of the characters, with consistent ratings and clear explanations. The strengths include well-defined goals, emphasis on deeper needs, and emotional journeys. Areas of improvement include providing specific actions, exploring secondary characters' goals, and evolving internal goals throughout the story.

Standout Features:
Cultural Blend: The unique blend of Filipino and Western cultures, providing a fresh and diverse perspective on love and art.

Visual Spectacle : The visually stunning settings of Manila and New York City, capturing the vibrant energy of both cities.
Artistic Exploration : The exploration of art as a means of self-expression and cultural identity, adding depth and richness to the story.