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Director's Cut Script Analysis - $9.99

  • Executive Summary with marketability analysis
  • Pass/Consider/Recommend section
  • Unique Selling Proposition assessment
  • Thorough scene analysis on various criteria
  • Critiques and improvement suggestions for scenes
  • Overall story critique
  • Memorable lines identification
  • List of Tropes in the Screenplay
  • Character analysis and Character arcs
  • Thematic, tonal, and stylistic analysis
  • Comparisons with similar stories
  • Identification of unique writer voice
  • Script world analysis
  • Suggestions to improve as a writer
  • Protagonist goals and philosophical conflict
  • Correlation insights
  • Comes with 5 AI Scene Improvements
See an Example: Mr. Robot
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AI Scene Improvements - 100 for $10

Once you have a script analyzed, you can improve specific scenes with AI's help.

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  • Develop talent using AI.
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