The Wolf of Wall Street

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Genres: Drama, Comedy, Biography, Crime, Romance, Dark, Thriller

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Overview: The screenplay shows strong originality, engaging characters, and compelling conflicts, but could benefit from deeper emotional exploration and improved visual imagery.

Themes: The Corrupt World of Wall Street, The Hedonistic Lifestyle of Jordan Belfort, Betrayal and Consequences, The Pursuit of Happiness and Success, The Dangers of Drug Abuse

Conflict and Stakes:

Comparable Scripts:

  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Boiler Room
  • The Big Short
  • Wall Street
  • The Sopranos
  • Goodfellas
  • The Great Gatsby
  • American Psycho
  • The Godfather
  • The Wire
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Writer's Voice

Summary:The writer's original voice throughout the screenplay is characterized by fast-paced and energetic dialogue, graphic descriptions, dark humor, and a satirical tone that highlights the excesses and amorality of the characters. The narrative descriptions are vivid and detailed, capturing the frenzied atmosphere of the financial world and the characters' hedonistic lifestyle. The writer's direction is dynamic, with quick cuts and scene changes that add to the sense of chaos and urgency. Overall, the writer's voice contributes to the overall mood of the screenplay, emphasizing the themes of greed, excess, moral ambiguity, and the consequences of unethical behavior.

Best representation: Scene 4 - Jordan Belfort's First Day on the Job. This scene is the best representation because it showcases the writer's fast-paced and energetic dialogue, as well as the satirical tone and witty banter between the characters. The scene also demonstrates the writer's skill in capturing the constant sense of chaos and urgency in the characters' lives, contributing to the overall mood and depth of the screenplay.

Memorable Lines:

  • Jordan: Money doesn’t just buy you a better life -- better food, better cars, better pussy -- it also makes you a better person. (Scene 2)
  • Mark Hanna: Let’s fuck!! (Scene 3)
  • Jordan: No one buys stock unless he thinks it’s going up and going up now. (Scene 8)
  • Jordan: The life of your dreams is only a decision away (Scene 39)
  • Jordan: Sell me this pen. (Scene 46)
Story Shape