Analysis of the black list (TV)

Summary The movie is about notorious fugitive Raymond 'Red' Reddington, who surrenders to the FBI and offers to help them catch a criminal named Ranko Zamani. Agent Ressler provides a detailed account of Reddington's past criminal career, while Liz Keen, a new profiler, interrogates Reddington and battles personal demons. Liz's husband is tortured by Zamani, leading Liz to seek revenge and hold Reddington hostage for answers. Reddington reveals the truth about Liz's husband and the existence of his Blacklist of criminals.

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Reddington Reddington starts as a charismatic and cunning criminal mastermind with a mysterious past, but as the movie progresses, he slowly reveals more of his motivations and shows moments of genuine concern for Liz and her safety. He is enigmatic and manipulative, but ultimately helps the FBI catch the villains. At the end of the movie, Reddington's past is finally revealed, and he is able to find closure and redemption. The character arc is well-written and allows for a lot of intrigue and mystery surrounding Reddington's true motives. However, at times it feels like the character is too mysterious and it can be frustrating for the audience to never fully understand his motivations until the very end.
To improve the character arc, it would be helpful to give the audience periodic glimpses into Reddington's past and motivations, rather than waiting until the end of the movie to reveal them all at once. This would allow the audience to connect with the character more and understand his actions throughout the movie.
Elizabeth Keen Elizabeth Keen starts as a driven FBI agent with a rebellious streak and a dedication to her family. She is intensely motivated and analytical, but has hidden emotional baggage. As the story progresses, she becomes more vulnerable, grappling with the stress of her job and the desire to start a family. Her tough exterior begins to crack and she starts revealing her deep emotional pain in private moments. By the end of the movie, Elizabeth confronts her personal demons and learns to balance her dedication to her job and her desire for a family, becoming a stronger and more empathetic person. The character arc of Elizabeth Keen is well-developed and engaging, but some of her struggles could be explored more thoroughly. It would be useful to see her personal demons and hidden emotional baggage unfold a little more, allowing for a deeper emotional connection with the audience.
To improve Elizabeth Keen's character arc, the writers could give more context to her emotional pain, perhaps through flashbacks or more explicit conversations with other characters. Additionally, allowing her to overcome her struggles in a more creative way, rather than relying on clichés, would make her story even more compelling.
Liz Liz starts out as a determined but inexperienced FBI agent struggling with trauma from her past. Throughout the movie, she battles personal demons and guilt as she becomes more skilled and asserts herself more assertively in her work. She becomes determined to protect innocents and seeks revenge for her husband's death. Ultimately, Liz becomes a complex character who is caught between her loyalty to the FBI and her personal desires. She demands the truth from Red and won't back down. The character arc for Liz is solid, but it could benefit from more concrete events that lead to her growth. It would be helpful to see specific examples of how she becomes more skilled as an FBI agent and how she battles her personal demons. Additionally, some of her motivations, such as seeking revenge, could be developed more fully.
To improve Liz's character arc, consider adding specific events that show her growth as an FBI agent and her struggles with personal trauma. Also, delve deeper into her motivations, particularly regarding seeking revenge, to make them more compelling. Finally, give her more agency in the plot to showcase her determination and fearlessness.
Liz Keen Liz Keen starts off as a determined and capable FBI agent who is fiercely loyal to those in her care, but also haunted by past traumas that make it difficult for her to trust others. Throughout the movie, she struggles with her personal demons and tries to do her job while also keeping the people around her safe. However, after her husband is tortured, Liz becomes driven by guilt, anger, and grief, and becomes desperate for answers, willing to do whatever it takes to find the truth. As the movie progresses, Liz becomes more emotional and seeks revenge, ultimately realizing that she needs to confront her past traumas in order to move forward and find peace. The character arc is well-defined and fits within the overall plot of the movie. However, some of the transitions between the different stages of Liz's emotional journey could be smoother and more nuanced.
To improve the character arc, the movie could incorporate more scenes that show Liz's internal struggle and the reasons behind her actions. This would make for a more developed and relatable character, and would also make the transitions between each stage of her journey more believable. Additionally, Liz could have moments of vulnerability and introspection that would further develop her character and make her journey more impactful.