Analysis of the pursuit of happyness

Summary "The Pursuit of Happyness" is a movie that depicts the struggles of Chris Gardner, a father who works a low-paying job and is determined to provide for his family. After his partner leaves him with their son, he faces financial difficulties and even homelessness. However, he remains persistent and ultimately secures an internship and later a successful career as a stockbroker. The movie highlights his unwavering determination and the bond he shares with his son, despite the challenges they face.

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Chris Gardner Chris Gardner undergoes a character arc in which his determination and hard work, coupled with his love for his family, enable him to overcome numerous challenges. Starting out as a struggling father who is constantly trying to provide for his family, he faces several setbacks and obstacles such as financial difficulties, homelessness, and rejection in his job search. However, his unyielding persistence and resourcefulness allow him to finally secure a job and provide a better life for himself and his son. The character arc of Chris Gardner in the movie is well-executed and offers a compelling portrayal of a man determined to overcome adversity. However, some audiences may find the arc to be somewhat predictable and formulaic, as it follows the typical rags-to-riches narrative.
To improve the character arc, the movie could have explored more deeply the emotional toll that the challenges and setbacks take on Chris and his family. Additionally, it could have incorporated more complexity and nuance to his character, such as exploring his flaws or vulnerabilities. This would have provided a more enriching and nuanced portrayal of his struggles and ultimate triumph.
Linda Linda starts out as a struggling mother who feels overwhelmed by her responsibilities, but with time and patience, she learns to trust herself and her abilities as a caregiver. She becomes more independent and confident, and able to make decisions that are in the best interests of herself and her son. She also reconciles with Chris and they are able to co-parent effectively. The character arc for Linda is somewhat predictable and lacks depth. There could be more exploration of her struggles with motherhood and her relationship with Chris, which would add emotional depth to the story.
To improve Linda's character arc, the movie could delve deeper into her past and explore how it has influenced her present. There could also be more scenes showing her interacting with her son and building a bond with him, which would make her growth as a caregiver more impactful. Additionally, the resolution between Linda and Chris could feel more earned if they worked through their issues together rather than simply reconciling at the end.
Chris Chris starts off as a struggling father who is determined to provide for his family despite constant disappointments and setbacks. As the movie progresses, he becomes increasingly overwhelmed and desperate, but refuses to give up. He becomes resourceful and intelligent, using his skills to find solutions to his financial struggles. He also develops a strong bond with his son and becomes a caring and loving father who is willing to fight for his son's well-being. Through his internship at Dean Witter, Chris gains the tools and knowledge he needs to succeed and ultimately lands a job that provides financial stability for his family. The character arc for Chris is well-developed and allows the audience to root for his success. However, at times, there may be too much emphasis on his financial struggles and not enough focus on his personal growth and relationships.
To improve the character arc, the movie could have delved deeper into Chris's personal relationships and how they were affected by his financial struggles. Additionally, showing more of his personal growth and how he overcame his self-doubt would have added more depth to the character. Overall, though, the character arc was strong and compelling.
Christopher Christopher starts off as an innocent and curious child who looks up to his father and is unaware of his family's financial struggles. As the movie progresses, he becomes stressed and affected by his father's struggles and exhaustion. He shows resilience and tries his best to cope with the difficult situation he and his father are in. In the end, he remains curious and observant but is also aware of their situation and appreciates spending time with his father no matter where they are. The character arc is well developed and executed, but could benefit from more specific and significant moments of growth for Christopher.
Provide more tangible challenges for Christopher to overcome, and opportunities for him to demonstrate his resilience and growth in meaningful ways throughout the film. Perhaps give him more agency in the story and allow him to make active choices that contribute to his character development.