Analysis of severance (TV)

Summary The movie follows Mark, who wakes up naked and confused in a sterile room, and is asked bizarre questions by an unknown entity through an intercom. He finds himself in a vast, sterile office full of cubicles and strange people, where he struggles with the task of turning green symbols blue on his computer while trying to figure out what this place is and how he can escape. Along the way, he meets Harmony Cobel, who offers to show him the dead cat he hit earlier. However, he is ultimately held captive and offered a chance to fix his broken life by undergoing a procedure known as severance, in which he has to forget about his past life. In the end, he chooses to leave, feeling horrified by what he's seen.

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Mark Mark starts off confused and disoriented but as he becomes more desperate to find out what is happening to him, he grows more panicked and scared. His curiosity leads him to investigate the Culling Office and his involvement in it. Although he initially feels nervous and uncomfortable during his interview, he ultimately shows a compassionate side and becomes a sympathetic character who seeks redemption for his past mistakes. However, his determination to seek redemption leads him down a dark and intense path, leaving him stressed and guilt-ridden. The character arc of Mark begins strong but could use more depth and development. His journey seems scattered and rushed, making it difficult for the audience to fully connect with him. Additionally, his motivations and actions are not always clear, making it hard to understand why he is making certain decisions.
To improve Mark's character arc, the movie could delve deeper into his backstory and motivations. The audience needs to understand why he acted the way he did in the past, and what drives him to seek redemption. His actions should be consistent with his character, and there should be clear consequences for his decisions. Overall, the development of Mark's character should be more organic and seamless to make his journey more engaging and meaningful.
Harmony Cobel Harmony Cobel starts out as a curt and efficient office manager, but as the movie progresses, her mysterious and manipulative side is revealed. She uses her knowledge of others to control them and offers Mark a chance at a new life with ulterior motives. However, through a confrontation with Mark, she realizes the error of her ways and makes amends by admitting her wrongdoings and helping Mark take down the corrupt company they work for. In the end, she decides to start fresh and leave her manipulative ways behind. The character arc for Harmony Cobel is interesting, but it could use more depth to truly make her a multi-dimensional character. Additionally, her transformation feels rushed and could benefit from a more gradual shift in behavior. Additionally, it would be helpful to have more backstory on her past to understand why she became so manipulative in the first place.
To improve the character arc for Harmony Cobel, consider adding more scenes that show her vulnerability and humanity, so the audience can understand her motivations. Additionally, it would be helpful to have more dialogue that hints at her past to give the audience more context. Finally, consider having her transformation be more gradual, so it feels earned rather than forced.