Analysis of the dark knight rises

Summary The Dark Knight Rises is a thrilling conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy that sees Batman tackling his toughest adversary yet: Bane. Bane hijacks a CIA plane and kidnaps Dr. Pavel, a brilliant nuclear physicist, in a bid to take over Gotham and rule it with his own brand of justice. Batman must team up with allies to save the city from a neutron bomb set to detonate in just 23 days. However, their efforts are continually thwarted by Bane and his mercenaries, and Batman must ultimately make a sacrifice to save Gotham. In the end, the stories of the different characters come together as Blake discovers a new Bat symbol, Alfred sees Bruce with Selina Kyle, and Robin is given a sports bag that sets up the possibility of a future Robin taking up the mantle of the Dark Knight.

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Gordon Gordon starts off emotionally invested in keeping Harvey Dent's legacy intact, but as he becomes bedridden and hooked up to machines, he remains supportive of Batman's cause. He continues to fight for his city as a smart and experienced leader, making hard decisions as the situation with Bane escalates. As his character develops, he becomes more determined and resourceful, risking his life to stop the bomb and save Gotham. Gordon ends the movie as a principled detective who recognizes the importance of the heroism Batman represents, remaining dedicated to his duty despite his weariness and struggles. Gordon's character arc does not have enough depth or conflict to make it truly compelling. He mostly remains consistent in his dedication to Gotham, with minor fluctuations in his physical state or emotional investment. Additionally, while he is portrayed as a crucial figure in the events of the movie, his personal stakes in the conflict are never fully explored or developed.
To improve Gordon's character arc, there could be more focus on his personal struggles and motivations, particularly related to his ties to Harvey Dent and his loyalty to Batman. His actions could have more consequences and risks, forcing him to confront difficult choices and their impacts. Additionally, more attention could be given to his relationships with other characters, particularly his family and colleagues, to add more layers to his character and give him more opportunities to grow and change.
Bane Bane starts off as a calculating and ruthless leader, masterminding the crime wave in Gotham. As the movie progresses, his mysterious past and connection to Bruce's mentor are revealed, adding complexity to his character. His motivations and plan for Gotham becomes clear, as he becomes more savage and ruthless in his pursuit of their destruction. In the end, he remains loyal to Talia and is willing to kill Batman to accomplish their mission. Bane's character arc is not as developed as it could be. While his backstory and motivations are revealed, it feels rushed and not fully explored. His loyalty to Talia also feels sudden and underdeveloped, making his actions in the end feel less impactful.
To improve the character arc, the writers could have spent more time exploring Bane's backstory and motivations, giving the audience a better understanding of why he is so ruthless and determined to destroy Gotham. His loyalty to Talia should also have been more effectively built up throughout the movie, making his actions at the end feel more meaningful and emotional.
Bruce Wayne Bruce Wayne starts off as a highly skilled investigator, but feels lost and aimless after retiring Batman. He is haunted by his past and struggles to find purpose in his life. However, he ultimately becomes a conflicted hero who grapples with his actions and sacrifices himself to save Gotham. The character arc is solid, but it could benefit from more development in the middle of the film to show how Bruce Wayne goes from feeling lost to becoming a conflicted hero.
To improve the character arc, the filmmakers could include more scenes that explore Bruce Wayne's internal struggles and the events that lead him to become a conflicted hero. They could also show how he learns to find purpose in his life beyond just being Batman.
Blake Blake starts as a determined police officer unsure about Batman, but eventually becomes a dedicated and fearless ally of Batman, committed to carrying on his legacy and fighting for justice in Gotham. He navigates the corrupt system and escalting violence, and ultimately takes charge to help stop Bane's plan and ensure the safety of the city. The character arc for Blake is rather ordinary and predictable, as he goes from skeptical to committed ally of Batman. It might have been more interesting to show a character who initially idolizes Batman, but then becomes disillusioned with him and must find his own way to fight for justice.
To improve the character arc for Blake, consider adding more complexities to his motivations and struggles. Perhaps he starts out as a by-the-book cop who becomes frustrated with the system and begins to see the value in Batman's more unconventional methods. Or, maybe he has a personal vendetta against Bane that he must overcome to be an effective ally for Batman. Additionally, giving Blake a unique skill or trait could make him stand out more as a character, rather than just a protégé to Batman.
Batman Batman starts as a determined and resourceful vigilante who is driven to stop crime in Gotham and protect those he cares about. He becomes tortured and relentless in his pursuit to save Gotham, facing his own demons in the process. He realizes that he must sacrifice himself for the greater good, ultimately becoming a tragic hero who saves the city he loves. The character arc for Batman is solid overall, but it could benefit from more emotional depth and exploration. While he is shown as determined and resourceful, there is little exploration of his inner motivations and struggles. Additionally, the ending might feel abrupt and unsatisfying to some viewers since there is limited exploration of the consequences of Batman's sacrifice.
To improve the character arc, the writers could add more scenes that explore Batman's internal struggles and motivations, providing a deeper emotional connection to the character. Additionally, the ending could be expanded upon to show how Batman's sacrifice affects the city and its inhabitants. This could provide a more satisfying and emotionally impactful conclusion.
Catwoman Catwoman starts off motivated by self-preservation but ultimately develops a desire to help others. She is initially hesitant to trust Batman but becomes a skilled ally, displaying her resourcefulness and quick thinking to help him in his mission. She also learns to embrace danger and break her 'no-guns' rule when necessary. Through her experiences, she becomes a skilled thief who ultimately chooses to help Batman and the people of Gotham. The character arc for Catwoman is somewhat predictable and lacks any major twists or surprises. It could benefit from more complexity and nuance.
To improve the character arc, consider exploring more of Catwoman's troubled past and motivations for her self-preservation. Also, introduce challenges that force her to re-evaluate her principles and decisions. Finally, consider ways to make her character more distinct and unique, setting her apart from other heroes and anti-heroes in the movie.
Wayne Wayne starts as a man struggling with his desire to leave Batman behind and his responsibility to protect Gotham. He later becomes a broken and helpless Batman, but through his resilience, determination, and the help of Selina, he prepares himself physically and mentally for his escape. Finally, he achieves his goal and saves Gotham using his strategic thinking and heroic acts, but he must come to terms with his mortality and the limitations of his abilities. While Wayne's character arc is well-executed, it could benefit from more focus on his emotional struggles and internal conflicts throughout the movie. His romantic feelings for Miranda should have been explored in more depth, and his desire to leave Batman behind needed to be more urgent and present throughout the story.
To improve Wayne's character arc, the movie could have shown more flashbacks or scenes that explain his past traumas and how they impact his present. Additionally, his decision to trust Selina and risk everything for Gotham should have been more dramatic and high-stakes, rather than feeling like a predictable plot point. Finally, the movie could have used more dialogue and quieter moments to delve deeper into Wayne's emotions and his inner conflict between his duty to protect Gotham and his desire to find peace.