Analysis of glass Onion Knives Out

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Blanc Benoit Blanc starts as a brilliant detective who is struggling with his mental state and isolation during lockdown. He establishes his importance in the story as a courteous and formal investigator who is highly observant of his surroundings and quick to pick up potential motives for the murder. Blanc takes pleasure in exposing the culprit's motive and evidence and is determined to uncover the truth behind the murder and Miles' motives. He remains a steady and reliable presence amidst the chaos of the destruction and is a seasoned detective with a calm, collected demeanor who has a talent for uncovering the truth and bringing justice. Although it is clear that Blanc is an experienced investigator who is skilled at analyzing evidence and identifying motives for potential suspects, the character arc doesn't show a significant change in personality or growth throughout the storyline. Blanc remains focused and analytical throughout the movie, which can make him feel somewhat one-dimensional.
To improve the character arc, the writers could consider adding some personal stake or vulnerability to Blanc's journey. For example, they could explore how Blanc's mental state or isolation during lockdown impacts his investigation and how he overcomes these struggles to solve the case. Additionally, giving Blanc a personal connection to the victim(s) or suspects could help deepen his emotional investment in the case and make his journey more compelling. Finally, showing Blanc making personal sacrifices or taking risks to solve the case could add a layer of complexity to his character and make him more relatable to the audience.
Miles Miles starts off as a charismatic host, but that facade slowly crumbles as his connections to the murder are revealed. He becomes more manipulative, deceitful, and power-hungry as the investigation continues, leading to his eventual downfall as the killer. While Miles' arc is compelling and well-developed, the gradual change in his character could be emphasized more. Some scenes could have been added to show his descent into darkness, rather than simply revealing his true intentions in one climactic scene.
To improve Miles' character arc, more emphasis should be placed on his interactions with the other characters and how they contribute to his transformation. Additionally, some scenes could be added to further explore his motivations and mindset, giving the audience a deeper understanding of his character.
Claire Claire starts as a confident and charismatic political candidate with strong beliefs in climate change. As she gets involved in solving puzzles and investigating the murder, she becomes more cautious and skeptical, even cutting corners to achieve her goals. She struggles with personal issues and conflicting feelings towards other characters. However, by the end, she is able to channel her emotions and become a practical, levelheaded lawyer who tries to keep the group focused on finding the truth. Claire's character arc could have been more cohesive and focused. At times, her motivations seem unclear, and her transformation from a confident candidate to a skeptical investigator feels abrupt. Additionally, some of her personal issues and conflicts with other characters could have been more fully fleshed out and resolved.
To improve Claire's character arc, the writers could have given her more clear and consistent motivations throughout the movie. Her personal issues and conflicts with other characters could have been given more attention and resolution. Additionally, her transformation from a confident candidate to a skeptical investigator could have been more gradual and nuanced.
Birdie Birdie starts as a party girl who struggles to control her behavior on social media and appears sarcastic and dismissive. As the movie progresses, she becomes a confident puzzle-solving genius who is outgoing and friendly. However, her tumultuous past and unresolved feelings of anger and sadness towards Miles foreshadow her disruptor mentality and potential involvement in the murder. She becomes scared and untrustworthy, willing to take whatever means necessary to save herself, but ultimately becomes a quirky and excitable employee who has a keen eye for details and helps with the case. The character arc of Birdie is interesting and keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie. However, her motivations for being involved in the cover-up of Andi's murder could have been more clearly defined and explored earlier on in the movie.
To improve the character arc of Birdie, the movie could have provided more backstory on her past relationship with Miles and explored her motivations for being involved in the cover-up earlier on. Additionally, her potential romantic interest in Claire could have been developed further to add more depth to her character.
Peg Peg starts as a long-suffering assistant to Birdie but later on becomes a valuable member of the team who helps with the search for Andi and Duke's missing gun. The character arc lacks depth and development. It could benefit from more obstacles and challenges for Peg to overcome.
Perhaps Peg could have a personal goal or conflict that she must overcome throughout the movie. Or, she could play a larger role in the resolution of the main conflict rather than just helping with the search for the missing gun.
Lionel Lionel's character arc in the movie revolves around his struggle to balance his loyalty to his boss Miles Bron and his scientific integrity. Throughout the movie, Lionel is seen as someone who is clever, resourceful, and has a sharp wit. However, he is also skeptical of Miles' inventions and concerned about his demands. Ultimately, Lionel becomes more confident and willing to challenge Miles, showing a greater commitment to his own beliefs and principles. While Lionel's character arc is interesting, it is not fully fleshed out. The audience never gets a clear indication of what Lionel truly believes in or what motivates him. This lack of clarity makes it difficult for viewers to fully invest in his character.
To improve Lionel's character arc, the movie could provide more backstory on his past and his motivations. Additionally, the film could show more clearly how he is torn between his loyalty to Miles and his scientific integrity. By providing more insight into Lionel's character, the audience would be better able to relate to him and understand his struggles.
Duke Duke starts off as a larger-than-life character who adds comic relief but may be irritating to some viewers. As the story unfolds, Duke's personality becomes colder and more dismissive towards others. He dies suddenly, leaving questions about his involvement in criminal activity and Andi's murder unanswered. The character arc is somewhat one-dimensional and doesn't provide much depth to Duke's character. His progression from comedic relief to suspicious criminal is predictable and lacks surprise.
To improve Duke's character arc, it would be helpful to add more nuance to his personality early on in the movie. Perhaps we could see glimpses of his manipulative and dismissive nature before his sudden death. This would add more complexity to his character and make his involvement in the murder more shocking.
Andi Andi starts as a mysterious and aggressive figure, but as the movie progresses, she reveals herself to have a bone to pick with each character in the group and reveals more about their past and relationships. She is a determined and conflicted woman seeking justice for herself and is hurt and betrayed by those around her. She eventually becomes Miles' conscience and is deeply concerned with doing what is right. Overall, the character arc for Andi is well-developed and nuanced. However, there are some areas where her motivations and actions could use more clarification.
One suggestion is to provide more context for Andi's bone to pick with each character in the group. It would also be helpful to understand why she was in denial about her involvement in the murder and what ultimately led her to confront the group about the truth.
Whiskey Whiskey goes from being a level-headed member of the group to a manipulative and emotionally distraught individual who is capable of violence. She is shaken by the murder and revelations about Miles, and ultimately feels trapped by her own secrets and alliances. The character arc for Whiskey is confusing and not fully developed. The different descriptions of her personality and behavior throughout the movie make it unclear how she changes and why.
To improve the character arc for Whiskey, the filmmakers should focus on developing a clear and consistent personality and motivation for her. This could involve exploring her relationships with Duke and Miles more deeply, as well as giving her more defined goals and desires throughout the movie.
Helen Helen Brand is a nervous and emotional woman, still reeling from her sister's sudden death. Despite her vulnerability, she displays a sharp intellect and a fierce determination to uncover the truth. Over the course of the movie, Helen becomes more brave, resourceful and determined, driven by her need to uncover the truth about her sister's death. She goes to great lengths, including going undercover and risking her safety, to uncover the evidence she needs to prove her case. Her emotions are always close to the surface as she deals with grief and guilt about her sister's death, but ultimately she remains driven by her desire for justice. The character arc for Helen is well done, but could benefit from more exploration of her emotional journey. While her determination is admirable, it would be interesting to see her struggle more with her grief and guilt throughout the movie. Additionally, some of her character traits, such as being playful and ditzy, don't add much to her character and could be further explored or removed altogether.
To improve the character arc for Helen, consider exploring her emotional journey more deeply throughout the movie. This can include moments of vulnerability and introspection, where she reflects on her sister's death and the impact it has had on her. Additionally, consider removing or further exploring some of her less developed character traits to make her more fully realized. Finally, try to create more tension and conflict within the arc to make Helen's journey even more compelling for the audience.