Analysis of the boys (TV)

Summary The world is obsessed with superheroes who have become a part of daily life. Hughie, a tech virtuoso, tries to sell security cameras and is devastated by the death of his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Starlight is introduced as the newest member of The Seven. Butcher approaches Hughie and reveals he knows about Robin's death, and convinces him to seek revenge against Supes. Hughie plants a bug in The Seven Tower and narrowly avoids being caught by Starlight. But things turn dangerous when Hughie is attacked by Translucent, and Butcher comes to the rescue. The episode ends with a shocking plane crash caused by the villainous Homelander.

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Hughie Hughie's character arc can be described as a journey from a naive, grief-stricken tech virtuoso to a capable, confident fighter seeking justice for his girlfriend's death. He starts off as a sincere yet sarcastic person in love with Robin, but her sudden death traumatizes him and throws him into the twisted world of Supes. Over time, he gains confidence and learns to stand up for himself, eventually becoming motivated by a desire for revenge and justice for his personal tragedy. Despite his anxiety and vulnerability, he shows growth as a character and becomes more capable of handling the situation. The character arc of Hughie is quite well developed and rich with emotional depth, but it occasionally falls into cliches and predictable moments. The trauma of losing Robin is a powerful motivator, but at times it feels like the emphasis on his grief overshadows his growth as a character. Also, Hughie's journey towards becoming a fighter feels somewhat rushed and underdeveloped, with him suddenly becoming more confident and capable without much explanation.
To improve Hughie's character arc, it would be helpful to give him more agency and moments of decision-making. Instead of him just reacting to events happening around him, let him take charge and make active decisions that move the plot forward. Additionally, don't rely too heavily on his grief as a driving force, but explore other motivations and aspects of his personality that can shape his journey. Lastly, give more attention to his growth as a fighter, showing how he learns and adapts to the challenges he encounters.
Starlight Starlight starts as a young and idealistic hero who believes in saving the world. However, she gets swept up in the glamor of her new life and struggles with the immoral behavior of the Seven. She tries to maintain her ethical code while navigating a corrupt world and dealing with personal identity crisis. Ultimately, she learns to be true to herself and stands up against the corruption and exploitation of the Seven. The character arc of Starlight is well-developed and realistic. However, it could have been more impactful if her struggles were shown more explicitly throughout the movie.
To improve the character arc, the movie could have shown more scenes where Starlight struggles with her ethical code and personal identity crisis. This would have made her character more relatable and the final stand against the Seven more impactful.
A-Train A-Train's character arc involves him going from a ruthless and arrogant superhero to a remorseful but unrepentant one who offers an insincere apology to Hughie. While A-Train's arc shows some progression, it ultimately falls short in terms of true character growth. A-Train's remorse and apology feel hollow and insincere, leaving him no better off than he was at the beginning of the movie.
To improve A-Train's character arc, the movie could delve deeper into his past traumas and experiences that have led him to become the arrogant and selfish superhero he is at the start of the film. This would make his eventual remorse and apology more meaningful and impactful. Additionally, showing A-Train taking active steps towards personal growth and change would further develop his character arc and make his redemption feel more earned.
Butcher At the beginning of the movie, Butcher is a rough and gruff man seeking revenge against Supes. He offers to help Hughie get revenge, and is charismatic and ruthless in his pursuit. However, as the movie progresses, we see that Butcher is not just seeking revenge on Supes - he's also deeply motivated by a personal vendetta. This personal vendetta can sometimes cloud his judgment and make him cynical and manipulative towards those around him. But ultimately, Butcher learns to let go of his vendetta and work together with Hughie and the rest of the Boys to take down the corrupt Supes. He becomes a more selfless leader, willing to put himself at risk to protect his team and those he cares about. The character arc for Butcher is relatively well-done, but some of the transitions between his different states could be made clearer. It can be difficult to understand why he's so motivated by his vendetta against Supes, and why he's willing to manipulate people to get what he wants. Additionally, some more screentime could be given to Butcher's relationships with the other members of the Boys - we don't see much of his interactions with anyone besides Hughie.
To improve Butcher's character arc, it might be helpful to provide more backstory on his vendetta against Supes and why it's so important to him. Additionally, there could be more scenes showing Butcher working with the other members of the Boys to take down the Supes, highlighting the team's relationships and dynamics. Some more emotional scenes between Butcher and Hughie, or between Butcher and other members of the Boys, could also help to develop his character and make his arc more impactful.