Analysis of the 5th element

Summary "The Fifth Element" is a sci-fi film where Korben Dallas, a retired special forces major, relunctantly agrees to retrieve four Sacred Stones to stop the evil force led by Zorg, which threatens to destroy the universe. Along the way, he meets and falls for Leeloo, the Fifth Element, who holds the key to stopping the destruction. They face the evil forces and retrieve all four stones, saving the universe. The movie concludes with the President seeking to meet Korben and Leeloo, and two full moons appearing in the sky.

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Korben Dallas Korben Dallas starts off as a disillusioned, apathetic cab driver but discovers a renewed sense of purpose when he meets Leeloo and becomes a reluctant hero. As he faces challenges and confronts his flaws, he transforms into a brave and loyal hero who seeks redemption for his past mistakes. The character arc for Korben Dallas is well-executed and engaging, as it allows the audience to relate to his struggles and root for his success. However, his past as a space fighter pilot could have been better incorporated into his story, and the connection between his apathy and his past trauma could have been explored further.
To improve on the character arc, the filmmakers could have shown flashbacks or conversations that reveal the specific events that led to Korben's disillusionment and apathy. Additionally, they could have explored how his past experiences as a space fighter pilot affect his present-day struggles and how he ultimately overcomes them. Overall, the character arc could benefit from more depth and nuance to fully capture Korben's journey towards heroism.
Cornelius Cornelius starts off as a calm and collected expert on the Mondoshawans who is determined to convince the President to let them in. As the movie progresses, Cornelius becomes more engaged in the story as he mentors Leeloo and stands up to Zorg. He becomes more passionate and willing to take risks for what he believes in. However, his lack of action in a chaotic scene reveals his passive nature, and he resorts to drastic measures to get Korben's tickets. Ultimately, Cornelius becomes a nervous scientist who possesses critical information but struggles with recall and is overwhelmed by the pressure of the situation. While Cornelius goes through some changes in the movie, his arc could be more consistent and clearer. It is not always apparent why he is taking certain actions, and some decisions feel out of character for him.
To improve Cornelius's arc, it would be helpful to establish his motivations more clearly. This will help audiences understand why he is taking certain actions and make his character more consistent. Additionally, having Cornelius face more obstacles that challenge his beliefs will add more depth to his character and make his arc more satisfying.
Korben Korben starts off as a confident and adventurous former military man, but his reluctance to become a hero is eventually overcome as he becomes resourceful, brave, and willing to risk everything for the mission and for love. While he still struggles with impulsive behavior, he shows a tender and caring side towards Leeloo and others, adding depth to his character. The character arc for Korben is well-developed and progresses smoothly throughout the movie. However, some aspects of his character, such as his impulsivity, could have been explored further to add more depth to his arc.
To improve Korben's character arc, the movie could have shown more flashbacks or discussions about his past experiences in the special forces that led to his reluctance to become a hero. This could have added more complexity to his character and explained why he struggles with impulsivity. Additionally, the movie could have further explored his complicated relationship with Cornelius and how it impacted his decisions throughout the movie.
Leeloo Leeloo starts off as a mysterious and playful character with great responsibility, but as the story progresses, she becomes more complex and emotionally vulnerable. She is a skilled warrior with a strong sense of morality, but also struggles with adapting to human customs and understanding her purpose. Ultimately, she learns to embrace her emotions and accept the love and companionship she needs to be truly whole. While Leeloo's arc is well-developed, there are times when her character feels somewhat one-dimensional. Her childlike behavior and alien language can be seen as stereotypes, and her attraction to Korben is somewhat underdeveloped.
To improve Leeloo's character arc, the filmmakers could focus more on her emotional journey and the complexities of being a powerful, but vulnerable warrior. They could also explore her attraction to Korben more deeply and flesh out her backstory and motivations. Additionally, they could avoid relying too heavily on stereotypes and cliches when portraying her childlike behavior and alien language.
Zorg Zorg starts off as a cold and ruthless villain, driven solely by greed for power and money. As the movie progresses, he becomes increasingly manipulative and cruel, willing to sacrifice innocent people to achieve his goals. However, his arrogance ultimately leads to his downfall and he is revealed to be a coward in the face of defeat. The character arc could be more nuanced and complex. While Zorg's downfall is satisfying, it would be interesting to explore the reasons behind his greed and sadistic tendencies. Additionally, his sudden transformation into a nervous and anxious man feels rushed and unearned.
Perhaps exploring Zorg's backstory and motivations could add more depth to his character arc. Additionally, giving him more moments of vulnerability and empathy could make his eventual downfall even more impactful. Rather than shoehorning in a last-minute character shift, the movie could gradually build towards Zorg's fall from power.
Loc Rhod Loc Rhod starts off as a popular but somewhat shallow character, seeking attention and joking around. As the movie progresses, he becomes a loyal friend to Korben and shows more intelligence and technical knowledge than initially assumed. Throughout the climax, he faces his own mortality and becomes more level-headed and self-aware, ultimately learning to take the situation more seriously. The character arc for Loc Rhod is a bit underdeveloped and lacks clear motivation for his growth. Additionally, his comedic relief may detract from impactful moments in the movie.
To improve Loc Rhod's character arc, explore his backstory further and give him more meaningful interactions with other characters that drive his growth. Consider toning down his comedic relief to increase the impact of serious moments in the movie.