The good place draft

Executive Summary

Pass/Consider/Recommend/Highly Recommend


Explanation: The Good Place draft demonstrates a strong comedic voice, imaginative premise, and well-developed world-building. However, the screenplay could benefit from a more compelling antagonist, a clearer sense of urgency in the central conflict, and a more satisfying resolution. Further exploration of the broken points system and its consequences would also enhance the overall narrative.

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Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

Setting: Present day, The Good Place and the Neutral Zone

Overview: The screenplay shows promise with its unique concept of characters turning into identical Janets and exploring themes of identity and self-discovery. However, there are opportunities for improvement in character arcs, emotional depth, and thematic exploration.

Themes: Identity, Humor, Overcoming Challenges, Friendship, Philosophy, Desperation

Conflict and Stakes: The humans are trying to prove that the Bad Place is tampering with the points system, which would allow them to get into the Good Place.

Overall Mood: Upbeat and comedic, with moments of drama and introspection.

Mood/Tone at Key Scenes:

  • Scene 1: The scene where the humans turn into identical Janets is both funny and visually appealing.
  • Scene 5: The scene where the Head Accountant is revealed to be working for the Bad Place is a major plot twist that will keep the audience guessing until the end.
  • Scene 7: The scene where the humans finally get into the Good Place is a heartwarming and satisfying conclusion to the story.

Standout Features:

  • Unique Hook: The concept of the humans turning into identical Janets is a unique and visually appealing way to explore the theme of identity.
  • Plot Twist : The revelation that the Head Accountant is actually working for the Bad Place is a major plot twist that will keep the audience guessing until the end.
  • Distinctive Setting : The Good Place and the Neutral Zone are both visually stunning and unique settings that will help to set the film apart from other comedies.
  • Innovative Idea : The idea of using a points system to determine who goes to the Good Place is a clever and original way to explore the nature of good and evil.
  • Unique Characters : The characters are all well-developed and unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses. The audience will be able to relate to and root for them.
  • Genre Blend : The film is a unique blend of comedy, drama, and philosophy. This will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Comparable Scripts:

  • The Good Place
  • Doctor Who - The Doctor's Wife
  • The Matrix
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Stranger Things - Episode 6: The Monster
Market Analysis

Budget Estimate:$20-30 million

Target Audience Demographics: Adults aged 25-54, fans of comedy, drama, and philosophy.

Marketability: It has a high concept premise with a lot of potential for humor and heart. The characters are relatable and likeable, and the story is both funny and thought-provoking.

It is a well-written script with a strong cast and crew. However, the subject matter may be too niche for some audiences.

It has a lot of potential, but the execution may not be strong enough to appeal to a wide audience.

Profit Potential: High, due to strong appeal to a wide adult audience and potential for award nominations.

Scene Level Percentiles
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Writer's Voice

Memorable Lines:

  • Eleanor: Holy forking shirtballs... we’re in the Good Place! (Scene 10)
  • Jason-Janet: This is exactly what I always thought heaven would be. (Scene 1)
  • ELEANOR-JANET: And all I know is, you’re just barfing Wikipedia all over everyone to avoid talking about your feelings. (Scene 5)
  • Janet: But: the structural integrity of this void is already at risk, you can’t start randomly conjuring up objects. (Scene 3)
  • Janet: Having four humans in my void is weird! (Scene 2)
Story Shape