Analysis of Black mirror 304

Summary San Junipero is a town in Coastal California where people can upload their consciousness to a simulated reality after they die. Yorkie, a young woman, meets Kelly, and they bond over dancing and personal conversations. Yorkie is engaged to Greg, but she starts to question her feelings and turns to Kelly for help. They share an intimate moment and plan to meet in the real world. Kelly visits a care home and learns about the San Junipero system. She asks to be hooked up to it temporarily to see Yorkie before she passes away. They get married in San Junipero, and Yorkie passes away in real life. Kelly realizes she wants to stay forever in San Junipero, but Yorkie argues against it. Eventually, Elder Kelly passes away in the assisted living facility while hooked up to the San Junipero system. The movie ends with a shot of the TCKR Systems server farm.

Screenplay Story Analysis

Story Critique San Junipero is a beautifully crafted love story that delicately explores themes of love, death, and the afterlife. The story is masterfully structured to create an emotional and immersive experience for the audience. The characters are well developed and relatable, making the story a deeply personal experience for the viewer. However, there are moments where the pacing lags and the story gets bogged down in exposition. Additionally, some of the dialogue can come off as contrived at times, but overall the writing is strong. The story is a triumph of emotional storytelling that will stay with the viewer long after the credits have rolled.
Suggestions: To improve the screenplay, the writer could focus on tightening up the pacing in some of the scenes and sharpening the dialogue to better fit the characters. The writer could also explore more deeply some of the themes around love, death, and the afterlife to give the story more depth and complexity. Overall, however, the story is a powerful and moving work that showcases the writer's talent and skill in crafting emotionally resonant stories.

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Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:


Yorkie is a shy, hesitant and introverted woman who is initially reserved and nervous, but ultimately finds confidence and happiness in San Junipero. She is vulnerable and emotional, but also determined and persistent in her search for love and acceptance. Yorkie is kind, loyal and endearing, with an interest in video games culture and a fondness for arcade games.


Kelly is a complex and multifaceted character. She is confident and outgoing, with a natural charisma that draws people towards her. Kelly is comfortable with her sexuality and willing to take risks. She has a mysterious past that she is searching to understand. She can be vulnerable and caring, but also tough and independent. She deals with her own personal issues and insecurities, but is also empathetic and kind towards others.

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Yorkie Throughout the movie, Yorkie goes on a journey of self-discovery and growth. She starts out as a timid and awkward person, held back by her restrictive upbringing and uncertainty about her engagement to Greg. However, as she spends more time with Kelly and explores the world of San Junipero, she begins to open up and reveal her inner turmoil. She becomes more confident and assertive, and ultimately finds love and happiness in San Junipero despite her tragic past and illness. Yorkie's arc is one of transformation from a fearful and uncertain person to a brave and emotionally honest partner, willing to take risks and face the unknown in pursuit of her ideal life partner. The character arc for Yorkie is well-written and engaging, but could benefit from further exploration of her past trauma and how it affects her relationship with Kelly. While her progression from an introverted and hesitant person to a more confident and assertive partner is well-portrayed, there could be more emphasis on the emotional journey that Yorkie undergoes as she comes to terms with her impending death and the idea of living on in San Junipero.
To further improve Yorkie's character arc, it would be beneficial to delve deeper into her past experiences and how they shape her perspective on life and love. Additionally, exploring her conflicted feelings about engaging with San Junipero's eternal life system could add more depth to her emotional journey and make her character even more relatable and complex. Overall, the character of Yorkie is well-written and portrayed, but could benefit from additional nuance and exploration of her past trauma.
Kelly Kelly starts off as a confident and outgoing woman who is interested in Yorkie. She is open and willing to help her, but is also respectful of her boundaries. Kelly deals with her own personal issues of not wanting attachments due to her past experiences. She is initially wary of forming deeper relationships and hides from Yorkie. However, as the story progresses, Kelly reveals her true feelings towards Yorkie and develops a deep connection with her. She grapples with the morality of euthanasia and the afterlife, but ultimately uploads herself to be with Yorkie. In the end, Kelly comes to embrace the afterlife and find peace. The character arc for Kelly is well-constructed and allows for gradual development throughout the story. However, it may be helpful to have more hints about her past earlier on, as it can be difficult to fully understand her motivations. Additionally, while Kelly's relationship with Yorkie is well-developed, her relationship with her deceased husband could have been more fully explored.
To improve the character arc, it may be helpful to introduce more hints about Kelly's past earlier on in the story. Additionally, the relationship between Kelly and her deceased husband could have been integrated more fully into the story, perhaps through flashbacks or memories. This would allow for a fuller exploration of Kelly's emotional journey and her motivations throughout the story.