Analysis of A Quiet Place

Summary The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world where sound attracts deadly creatures. The family scavenges for supplies and has created a makeshift home in a barn. They struggle with guilt and trauma after the father has sacrificed himself to save the family from the creatures. Lee, the father, tries to find answers and creates a hearing aid to protect his daughter, Regan. However, tragedy strikes when Lee and Marcus, his son, encounter a terrifying man and die. Evelyn, Lee's wife, goes into labor and faces impending danger from the creatures. Regan and Marcus are separated from their parents and must fight off the creatures to survive. In the end, the family reunites and faces a final standoff against the creatures.

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:


Regan is a guilt-ridden and introspective young girl who struggles with the loss of her father, her disability, and her desire for independence. She is resourceful, brave, and determined, but also emotional and vulnerable. Over the course of the movie, she grows significantly and gains confidence in her abilities while reconciling with her family.


Evelyn is a fiercely protective mother who is resourceful and resilient. She is heavily pregnant and facing the harsh realities of a world overrun by deadly creatures. Despite this, she remains attentive to her family and tries her best to provide comfort and normalcy for them. She is haunted by the memories of her deceased son, Beau, but refuses to let it break her. She is meticulous, creative, and deeply emotional.


Lee is a loving and protective father who is deeply affected by the loss of his son. He is emotionally broken but stoic and is constantly struggling with fear, anxiety, guilt, and grief. He is a skilled inventor and survivalist who cares deeply for his family and is devoted to keeping them safe against the deadly creatures that hunt by sound. Lee is determined and resourceful, seeking answers and hope in a world overrun by danger and desperation. He communicates primarily through sign language and expresses his love for them in poignant moments. He is pragmatic, wise, conflicted, and willing to do anything to protect his family.

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Regan Regan's character arc begins with her feeling guilty for her father's death. She struggles with this guilt and how it affects her relationship with her brother. As she searches for something in the farmhouse, she becomes more determined and cautious, showing her resourcefulness. However, her frustrations with her disability and lack of independence lead her to seek validation and love from her family. Eventually, she gains the ability to hear with her new hearing aid, which she uses to become more independent and to protect her family. She grows into a fierce and resourceful fighter like her father, but also reconciles with her emotions and her family. The character arc is well-developed and realistic, but it could benefit from more specific examples of Regan's growth and how it relates to her disability. Additionally, her relationship with her brother could be explored further as it is a significant part of her character and motivation.
To improve the character arc, more scenes could be added that show Regan's growth and progress in her independence and resourcefulness. This could also include her relationship with her brother, allowing for a deeper exploration of her character motivation. Additionally, exploring how her disability both hinders and aids her in her journey could add depth to her character and arc.
Evelyn Throughout the movie, Evelyn transforms from a vulnerable but determined mother to a fierce and unstoppable force, willing to do whatever it takes to protect her family. Her traumatic experiences force her to become adaptive and resourceful, using everything at her disposal to stay alive and fend off the creatures. Her emotional wounds run deep, but the birth of her new baby gives her a renewed sense of hope and motivation. By the end of the movie, she has fully embraced her role as a protector and is willing to face off against the creatures with a shotgun to keep her family safe. Overall, Evelyn's character arc is strong and compelling, but it could benefit from more depth and nuance. While she undergoes significant transformation, her emotional journey is not always fully explored. The movie mainly focuses on her physical prowess and survival skills, neglecting her internal struggle and emotional growth. Additionally, her relationship with her husband, Lee, could be further developed and explored to add more layers to her character.
To improve Evelyn's character arc, the movie could delve deeper into her emotional journey and the trauma of losing her son. This could add more complexity to her motivations and decision-making throughout the movie. Additionally, her relationship with Lee could be explored further, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of their partnership. Finally, giving her more agency and decision-making power would make her evolution more impactful and satisfying for the audience.
Lee Lee's character arc involves transforming from an emotionally broken but stoic character into a selfless and intelligent father who sacrifices himself for his family's survival. He starts off struggling with fear, anxiety, and grief, but he gradually becomes a protector at a moment's notice. He is determined to keep his family safe, especially with the hearing aid, and seeks solutions to their problems. He learns from his past mistakes and seeks redemption by taking risks and making sacrifices. Lee's ultimate sacrifice leaves a memorable impact on the story and characters, showing his growth from a broken survivor to a selfless hero. Overall, Lee's character is well-developed, with clear motivations and emotions. However, his arc may benefit from more subtlety and nuance, particularly in the earlier stages of his transformation. Additionally, his relationships with the other characters could be further explored, especially with his wife and daughter. Finally, some of his motivations and actions could be made more explicit, as certain choices may appear abrupt or undermotivated.
To improve Lee's arc, consider adding more moments of vulnerability, introspection, and development earlier on in the story. For example, exploring his relationship with his wife and daughter, his past traumas and regrets, or his hopes for the future. Additionally, try to make his motivations and choices more explicit, either through dialogue or actions. Finally, consider adding more moments of tension and conflict surrounding his protective instincts, especially when they clash with other characters' goals or morals. This could deepen his character and provide more complexity to his arc.