Hors de prix

Executive Summary

Pass/Consider/Recommend/Highly Recommend
Engine: Gemini


Explanation: Hors de prix is a witty and entertaining screenplay with a strong female lead and a glamorous setting. However, the pacing could be improved, and some character motivations and the ending require further development. Exploring the ethical dimensions of the story and adding depth to the supporting characters would enhance the screenplay's overall impact.

Engine: Claude


Explanation: Hors de prix is a well-crafted, character-driven screenplay that explores the complexities of relationships, class, and personal growth. While the opening sequences could be tightened, the screenplay effectively builds tension and emotional investment in the central characters, particularly the evolving dynamic between Jean, Irène, and Madeleine. The screenplay's notable strengths include its well-developed character arcs, engaging narrative moments, and a satisfying conclusion. Areas for improvement include a more cohesive thematic focus and further development of some subplot elements. Overall, the screenplay presents a compelling and entertaining story that would likely resonate with audiences.

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Genres: drama, romance

Setting: Not specified, Not specified

Overview: The screenplay demonstrates strong character development, emotional depth, and thematic exploration. However, it lacks originality and innovative storytelling elements, which could limit its marketability.

Themes: Betrayal and Infidelity, Emotional Disappointment and Loneliness, Self-Discovery and Independence, Guilt and Consequences, Relationship Dynamics and Change, Finding Joy and Redemption

Conflict and Stakes: Not provided in the given text

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Market Analysis

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Target Audience Demographics: Not provided in the given text

Marketability: Not provided in the given text

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Profit Potential: Not provided in the given text

Scene Level Percentiles
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Writer's Voice

Memorable Lines:

  • Jacques: But you took three hours to get ready too. (Scene 2)
  • Irène: Qu’est ce que vous faites ? (Scene 3)
  • Irène: Fais quelque chose. Jean... JEAN ! (Scene 7)
  • Irène: Quatre jours! (Scene 15)
  • Irène: En fait, tu es un prince. (Scene 25)
Story Shape