Launches, Offering In-Depth, Affordable Script Coverage for Screenwriters

San Francisco, CA, July, 2023, a game-changing platform conceived by a screenwriter for screenwriters, today announced its official beta launch. It's designed to provide in-depth, affordable script analysis to all writers, leveraging AI technology to deliver an unprecedented level of detail., an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the traditional script coverage industry, today announced its official launch. Developed by a seasoned tech veteran with a passion for screenwriting, this AI-powered service significantly enhances the speed, accessibility, and affordability of comprehensive, scene-by-scene script analysis.

The traditional script coverage industry has long been characterized by expensive, time-consuming human-generated reports. disrupts this status quo by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to provide in-depth analysis at an unparalleled pace. For as little as $5, customers receive 20 pages of detailed, scene-by-scene analysis. For a full movie script, the platform's advanced algorithms can deliver complete coverage in less than an hour.

"Our primary aim with isn't to replace the human element of script coverage," said the platform's founder. "Instead, we're striving to democratize the process. We want to make fast, affordable, and comprehensive script analysis accessible to every aspiring screenwriter. We're providing a platform where every writer, regardless of their budget or background, can have a fair shot at success." has already begun to gain recognition for its unique offerings. One user recently tweeted, "Wow, my first 3 scene analysis is really amazing and detailed... Very useful critique."

In addition to individual script analysis, also offers a valuable resource for all screenwriters: a library of previously analyzed scripts. This publicly accessible repository serves as an educational tool for anyone seeking to improve their screenwriting skills. It can be found at:

To further its mission of democratizing script coverage, is currently providing free script coverage for all Writers Guild of America (WGA) members during the current strike. For all other writers, the platform offers free analysis of the first three scenes of any script.

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