Analysis of sense 8

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Will Will starts the movie haunted by his recurring dream and his troubled past with his father, leading him to be deeply conflicted and empathetic towards both victims and perpetrators. As he investigates the case of the missing girl in the abandoned hospital, his determination and courage push him to follow his instincts and bend the rules, putting himself in danger. Ultimately, he discovers the truth about the girl's disappearance and overcomes his personal demons, finding closure and a sense of purpose in his profession. While Will's character arc is interesting, it could benefit from more development and exploration of his personal struggles and relationships with other characters. Additionally, some of Will's behavior in the movie could come across as reckless and impulsive, which could make it harder for the audience to empathize with him.
To improve Will's character arc, the movie could delve more into his backstory and relationships with his family and colleagues, as well as show more of him struggling with his migraines and mental health. Additionally, his actions could be portrayed as more calculated and thought out to make him a more sympathetic protagonist.
Nomi Nomi's character arc in the movie starts with her being comfortable and open with her sexuality as a transgender woman, and progresses to her becoming a hacktivist who values social justice and personal freedom. She grows more sensitive and vulnerable as she realizes she has true love with Amanita, and struggles to assert her identity in the face of her overbearing mother's disapproval. She then faces the news of her diagnosis but remains resilient and independent, with a deep sense of loyalty to her chosen family. The character arc of Nomi in the movie is well-written and gives a realistic view of the struggles and triumphs of a transgender woman. However, some parts of her character development felt rushed and could have been explored more deeply.
To improve Nomi's character arc, the movie could have given more screen time to her struggles with her overbearing mother and her hospitalization. These are significant events in her life that could have been used to add depth and complexity to her character. Additionally, Nomi's relationships with other characters could have been developed more, especially her friendship with Amanita and her interactions with other members of her chosen family. This would have given the audience a better understanding of the importance of Nomi's relationships in her life and made her character more relatable.