Analysis of some like it hot

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Joe Joe starts off as a confident and smooth-talking musician who is willing to take risks to get ahead. He is resourceful and pragmatic and often comes up with plans to get what he wants. As the movie progresses, Joe becomes more sentimental and kind-hearted, demonstrating his softer side. He becomes more level-headed and tries to keep Jerry in check, while still being quick-witted and resourceful in tough situations. Joe's character evolves from being a suave ladies' man to a more grounded and practical survivor who is still willing to take risks to keep himself and Jerry alive. His reluctance to participate in the cross-dressing scheme shows that he is more skeptical and grounded in reality than Jerry. In the end, Joe's experience and cunning are what save him and Jerry from the assassins. The character arc for Joe is well-done but could benefit from more depth and complexity. It would be interesting to see more of the conflict and internal struggle that Joe may have felt during the cross-dressing scheme and his growing attraction to Sugar. This would add more layers to his character and make his evolution more subtle and nuanced.
Consider exploring Joe's past more and how it may have influenced his current attitudes and behaviors. Also, give more attention to his internal struggles and how they impact his decisions and actions in the plot. This would add more depth and complexity to his character arc.
Jerry Jerry starts as a timid and anxious follower of Joe, but gradually becomes more confident and shows his cunning side when necessary. He becomes a quick-witted and sarcastic member of the Society Syncopators, and later becomes a flamboyant drag queen who is unafraid to speak his mind and be different. Despite struggling with his engagement to Osgood, Jerry remains fiercely devoted to Joe and willing to do anything to help him. He ultimately learns to stand up for himself and value loyalty and honesty. Although Jerry undergoes several transformations throughout the movie, his character arc feels disjointed and lacks a clear progression. Some of his actions and motivations are also unclear, making it difficult to fully understand and connect with his character.
To improve Jerry's character arc, the writers could focus more on his personal growth and development, showing how he gains confidence and becomes more assertive over time. They could also provide more clarity and consistency in his actions and motivations, making it easier for audiences to understand and empathize with his character. Additionally, giving Jerry more agency and a distinct storyline could help make his character arc more compelling and memorable.
Sugar Sugar starts as a naive and innocent showgirl who dreams of finding a wealthy suitor to escape her current lifestyle. Over the course of the movie, she becomes more self-sufficient and determined, learning to navigate the world on her own. She also develops a strong bond with Jerry and ultimately chooses him over her previous desires for wealth and status. While Sugar's character arc does show some growth and development, it is heavily influenced by the male characters and their actions. Her ultimate decision to choose Jerry feels rushed and underdeveloped, and could benefit from more exploration of her own agency and desires.
To improve Sugar's character arc, the writers could focus more on her own personal growth and goals independent of the male characters. They could also explore her relationships with the other female characters in the film, allowing her to build her own support system outside of Jerry and Joe. Additionally, giving Sugar more agency in her romantic choices and allowing her to make her own decisions rather than just reacting to the actions of the male characters would make her arc feel more satisfying.