Analysis of Avatar

Characters in the screenplay, and their arcs:

Character Arc Critique Suggestions
Jake Sully Jake Sully begins as a scarred and gritty combat veteran dealing with his disabilities, recruited for his brother Tommy's mission in space. He then becomes a curious and adaptable Marine eager to learn about Pandora and the Na'vi culture. His growing respect for and attachment to the Na'vi leads him to fall in love with Neytiri and ultimately become willing to risk everything to protect them, causing him to become brave and resourceful. While Jake Sully's character arc is overall strong, it would have been beneficial to have more clear development of his growing respect for and attachment to the Na'vi culture. This may have been achieved through more meaningful interactions between Jake and the Na'vi, or the inclusion of more poignant storylines that showcased the differences in values between the human and Na'vi cultures.
To improve Jake Sully's character arc, consider incorporating more scenes that showcase his growing understanding and appreciation of Na'vi culture. Additionally, include more nuanced and complex storylines that highlight the differences between human and Na'vi values, causing Jake to question his loyalty to his fellow humans and ultimately choose to protect Pandora and the Na'vi.
Jake Jake starts off as a scarred and struggling combat vet who is determined to prove himself in the Avatar program. Through his experiences with the Na'vi, he learns to appreciate their culture and becomes a leader and warrior for their cause, ultimately sacrificing himself for their greater good. While Jake's transformation throughout the movie is compelling, his arc follows a somewhat predictable hero's journey. Additionally, some of his character development feels rushed or unearned, such as his sudden leadership role among the Na'vi.
To improve Jake's character arc, the film could explore more of his inner conflict and doubts about betraying his own kind. Additionally, his transformation from a soldier to a peaceful warrior could be more gradual and nuanced. It would also be interesting to see him struggle with the weight and responsibility of leadership, rather than it being handed to him quite easily.
Norm Norm starts as an enthusiastic and skilled scientist who is excited to work with the Na'vi and Avatar program. However, he becomes frustrated and resentful of Jake's promotion, leading to a conflict between them. Despite this, Norm continues to support his friends and becomes a valuable ally to the Na'vi, ultimately siding with them and risking his life to help them in the final battle. He comes to understand and appreciate the Na'vi way of life, but is torn between his loyalty to his former colleagues and his newfound duty to the Na'vi. The character arc of Norm is well-written and develops him from a minor character to a significant ally to the Na'vi. However, it could benefit from more exploration of his emotions and motivations, particularly in regards to his conflicting loyalties.
To improve Norm's character arc, it would be helpful to delve deeper into his feelings of frustration and resentment towards Jake's promotion, as well as his growth and transformation into a loyal ally of the Na'vi. Additionally, exploring the internal conflict between his loyalty to his former colleagues and his new appreciation for the Na'vi could add depth and complexity to his character.
Grace Grace starts off as a condescending and confrontational botanist, but evolves into a caring and empathetic scientist who is deeply invested in the Na'vi and their way of life. She struggles with balancing her emotions and duty, and ultimately becomes a tragic figure who is injured while protecting the Na'vi and setting the stakes for the climax. While Grace's character arc is compelling and nuanced, it could benefit from more clear and consistent development throughout the movie. Some of her character traits and actions feel contradictory at times, and it's difficult to fully connect with her as a character.
To improve Grace's character arc, it would help to have more consistent development and exploration of her backstory and inner conflicts. Adding a few more scenes that focus on her emotional journey and relationships with other characters could also help to deepen her character and make her more relatable to audiences.
Neytiri Neytiri's character arc involves her transitioning from a proud and fierce warrior who is initially hostile towards Jake, to a patient and understanding teacher who develops a deep bond with him. She falls in love with Jake and becomes a willing ally in the fight against the humans, but her trust is ultimately shaken when she learns of his role in their plans. However, she ultimately proves herself to be a strong and loyal defender of her people and their way of life. While Neytiri's character arc is interesting and well-developed, it sometimes feels like she is primarily defined by her relationship with Jake rather than her own individual journey. Additionally, her transition from hostility towards Jake to deep love and forgiveness feels somewhat rushed and underdeveloped.
To improve Neytiri's character arc, it would be helpful to explore more of her own internal struggles, apart from her relationship with Jake. Additionally, giving more attention to her gradual shift from hostility to love would make this transition feel more genuine and impactful. Finally, finding ways to allow Neytiri to play a more active role in the film's action and conflict would help to further flesh out her character and make her feel like a more integral part of the story.
Tsu'tey Tsu'tey starts off as an antagonist with a deep mistrust of Jake, seeing him as a threat to his people and their culture. However, over time, Tsu'tey develops a grudging respect for Jake as a warrior and a member of the Na'vi community. His loyalty to his people and their traditions ultimately leads him to challenge Jake, but he eventually comes around to support Jake's leadership. In the end, Tsu'tey's sacrifice and faith in Jake inspire the other Na'vi to trust him as their new leader. Overall, Tsu'tey's character arc is well-constructed. However, it would have been nice to see more of Tsu'tey's inner conflicts and struggles throughout the movie, particularly during his transition from antagonist to ally.
To improve Tsu'tey's character arc, the movie could have included more scenes that explored his thoughts and feelings. Additionally, it would have been interesting to see more of his interactions with other Na'vi characters, particularly Neytiri, to better understand their relationships and how they evolved over time.
Quaritch In the beginning, Quaritch is an aggressive and cruel military leader who is willing to use violence to achieve his goals. He orders the destruction of Hometree and all the Na'vi within it, displaying his ruthlessness. However, as the movie progresses, Quaritch's determination to eliminate the Na'vi threat exceeds all reason, and he becomes increasingly ruthless and cunning. He is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals, including deceiving his fellow humans and endangering his own life. Eventually, his single-minded pursuit of victory leads to his downfall as he is defeated by the combined efforts of Jake Sully and the Na'vi. The character arc of Quaritch is somewhat predictable and lacks nuance. He starts off as a one-dimensional villain with no real motivation beyond a desire for power and control. While his actions throughout the movie are consistent with this motivation, they do not make for a compelling or complex character. Additionally, his ultimate defeat feels more like a foregone conclusion than a satisfying resolution to his arc.
To improve the character arc of Quaritch, it would be helpful to provide more insight into his background and motivations. Perhaps he has a personal vendetta against the Na'vi, or maybe he believes that humanity's survival depends on securing Pandora's resources. This would add depth and complexity to his character, making his actions more understandable if not sympathetic. Additionally, his defeat could be made more satisfying if he were to experience a moment of self-reflection or regret before his demise, signaling that he has come to understand the consequences of his actions.